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Making Money On Youtube – THE TRUTH

YouTube by far has been the most heated money making platform for all sorts of creators – All the artists globally adore it. But times have changed astoundingly, and so has youtube's policy.

Previously, the situation of monetization was quite pleasant. Small and Fresh ventures were agreeably allowed to monetize their videos even with lesser number of video views and subscribers. But the new, devastating policy of youtube has ripped of the hearts from our bodies! According to the updated monetization policy, a channel will only get the allowance of monetization if it fulfills 2 main criterias :

1) It must have “AT LEAST" 4000 hours of watch-time in the previous year.

2) ‎It must have “AT LEAST" a whopping 1000 subscribers!

This policy has thoroughly demolished the will to continue providing videos for several freshers (As several of them initiated becoming a creator for their bank accounts) but it has also given a throttle to the willing and enthusiastic creators for thriving harder in providing quality content.

So if one wishes to make heaps of cash via YouTube, it essentially requires a lot of dedication and persistency. Overnight success is quite a remote possibility (everyone certainly doesn't know how to wink magically) but one could start generating money once he or she is consistently able to provide quality as well as a decent length in their videos. All the very best to all the inexperienced players! I hope you soon are Victorious 

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