Reasons for the failed startups

It is an established fact that 9 out of 10 startups are unsuccessful. The startups are initiated with a life changing idea, brilliant in terms of its intellectual aspect. Although when the idea is put into work, terrible disasters occur! However fantasizing would be your idea, you always need to live with the fact that the world always seeks benefits more than anything else. If you cannot lure your clients in a thousand different ways,you fail. Here are the most crucial reasons as to why startups fail. The reasons are distilled from the experiences of the founders of several shockingly failed startups who analyzed their flaws and successfully stood up on their feet, once again.   

Making Money On Youtube - THE TRUTH

Youtube by far has been the most heated money making platform for all sorts of creators - All the artists globally adore it. But times have changed astoundingly, and so has youtube's policy.    



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