What makes a Good Website Design ?

4 standards that make a website great design.

“Every business needs an awesome website to generate revenue from the internet”

But what makes a website Great ?

Just like the 7 commandments in Christianity, are there any particulars that a website ‘Must’ follow in order to become great?

The simple answer is Yes and No.

Internet is flooding with pieces of advice and tips to make websites good, but there are no fixed set of rules or so-called commandments that one must follow.

Building a good website depends specifically on the needs of the business.

For example, a good website for a fashion blogger would be the one that drives more traffic. On the other hand, a good website for a product wholesaler would be the one that drives more inquiries and sales.

However, in this cut-throat competitive world, there are certainly some definite standards that every website must have in order to become great.

It outlines the general or the standard characteristics that every website requires to walk on the path of greatness!

*Echoing music with lights*

Let’s hit directly on the nail and see what are the characteristics of a great website:

1. The Visual Appeal:

Imagine ‘websites’ as women who want to impress a certain group of men (here visitors).

In order for visitors to stay, the website must create a flawless first impression. 

A single glitch in the scroll can cut down the interest of a majority of the visitors (Just like men).

Another crucial aspect of the visual appeal is the beauty of the website. Not only the website must be visually sound and glitch-free, but it must also be catching the eyes.


The more creatively the images and the content on the website is displayed, the
more retention of the visitors occurs.


Let’s take a simple example :

When you look at this website, do you feel like exploring it further?

Do you feel that the organization that it represents is trustworthy and reliable?

For most, the answer would be a big, fat NO.

The elegance and the appearance of the website are the factors that build trust and keenness among the viewers. Make sure that your designer is really apt in building a website that sparkles attention and trust.

2. Responsive, Mobile Friendly design:

Over 50% of the users today explore websites from their phones.


A responsive website is the one that adapts to the changing screens and varying resolutions of the device automatically. Viewers across different platforms and devices must all experience the website in the same manner.

3. Great graphics and images:

Using a low res, mobile clicked image is the worst thing you could add to your

Every image or graphic used on the website must observe uniformity in its quality and structure. The images must be preferred to be of the highest possible resolution. The graphics must also look attractive and thoroughly smooth.

4. Authenticity and Branding:

Majority of the websites lack the element of a brand in them..

Business today are experiencing tremendous levels of competition in the market.

What is that ‘something’ that distinguishes your business from your competitors? This idea along with your core business values must be reflected uniformly on your website. That is what we term as branding.

Branding is immensely important for long term customer retention.

If your customers are able to discover the same product and a cheaper price on some another website, branding is what makes them loyal to yours. It is one of the most crucial element that a website must hold and most of the website today, unfortunately, lack it.

Final Word:

Your website is what defines everything about your business – Prices, strengths, and goals. The lesser attention you pay in the design of your website, the lesser retention you gain of your visitors.

With the first 3 standards, one can craft a website that makes sure that the visitors turn into customers.

What’s more?

The last standard makes sure that your visitors turned customers actually visit again!

And that is what makes a website, truly, ‘Great’ ! Simple, isn’t it ?