Latest trends in Website Development 2019 – TOP 5 HOT TRENDS IN WEB DEVELOPMENT FOR 2019

The realm of website development is changing faster than ever, and so are the
Latest Trends in Website Development.

With the advancement of modern scripting languages and revolutionary modifications in the existing tools and methodologies, it is evident that the latest trends in website development 2019 are changing for the good.

For instance – Previously, websites used to be built in a way like mansions. A lot many rooms (pages), lots of furnishing and tonnes of pomp.

However, the modern trends have changed the approach of building such websites into a more minimalistic fashion. Instead of expecting a lot more funk, people are trusting on the websites that are simple and easily explorable.

Here is a list that adds up to the latest trends in website development 2019:

1. Motion UI:

What exactly is a motion UI?

Motion UI is an approach to building a website that involves transitions, animations, and graphics on the website for better user experience.

With the help of Motion UI, companies are transforming the cliché experience of exploring a website into that of exploring a mobile application – Simple and extremely convenient to handle.

2. Progressive Web Apps:

The trend of PWAs among websites is increasing.

Instead of accessing the same website numerous times from your browser, PWAs help in bringing out a tiny extension (just like an app) of the website in your phone. You could place it on your home screen and access it whenever you want.

The essential advantage of a PWA is that it occupies a negligible amount of space and provides speed, reliability, and convenience as well.

3. Web Notifications:

Numerous news websites, along with popular social media like Facebook and Twitter, are providing website notifications to keep their visitors updated.

With the help of a push notification, one could easily update their clients with the latest offers, discounts, and changes without creating a need of installing an application.

4. The BOTS:

Chatbots have created a whole different level of a fanbase for the website owners.

With the power of machine learning, Chatbots can provide a robust customer-support without actually hiring a full-time ‘call center guy’ in the office!

Installing chatbots on the websites is super easy – However, determining the flow of the conversation and using the matching libraries could turn out to be a little puzzling. (Need a Bot for your website? We’re here for handling the fuss !)

5. Using Google AMP:

Numerous users today are accessing website from their phones instead of their desks. It, therefore, becomes highly crucial to ensure speed and responsiveness of your website in the phones.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages assists in enhancing the speed of a website when accessed from a phone. It provides various insightful analysis that could help accomplish the objective of faster loading.

That’s the end of our list of the Latest Trends in Website Development for 2019 !

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